10 Facts

to Know About Irvine Company

Tradition of Excellence

Founded in 1864, Irvine Company is one of California's oldest and most respected companies. It began as a 120,000-acre ranching and farming operation in what's now Orange County, Calif. In the early 1960s, Irvine Company started to master plan and develop the ranch land, which stretched from the Santa Ana Mountains to the Pacific Coast. Today, Irvine Company plans and brings to life balanced, sustainable communities throughout coastal California.

Irvine Spectrum has emerged as one of California's most vibrant and sustainable mixed-use developments with variety of high-quality housing, office, retail and restaurant options.

Coastal California Focus

Irvine Company concentrates its resources on coastal California, one of the largest and most dynamic regions in the world. We believe deeply that Silicon Valley, West Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego County represent the best of what California has to offer, and we've tied our future to those vibrant communities.

Newport Coast in Orange County, California features stunning homes overlooking the Pacific, thriving retail centers, the five-star Resort at Pelican Hill and thousands of acres of open space.

Long-Term Ownership

As a long-term owner with a limitless time horizon, our properties feature world-class architecture and planning, mature landscaping, and an abundance of amenities to create a comforting sense of place. We also are best in our industry in maintaining and reinvesting in our properties to keep them modern and fresh. And we form lasting local partnerships because we have a permanent stake in the communities in which our properties are located.

Irvine Company recently reinvested $150 million into Village Mission Valley in San Diego, transforming the aging property into a luxurious, resort-style apartment community.

Unmatched Master Planning

We master planned and, for more than 50 years now, have developed the City of Irvine, helping to create one of America's most desirable municipalities. Irvine is America's safest big city, its public schools are ranked No. 1 in California, and its distinct villages provide residents a wide variety of vibrant and balanced communities in which to live, work and play. The knowledge and expertise from that unique experience inform and guide all that we do.

Through master planning, the Village of Woodbury in Irvine provides residents with the perfect balance of acclaimed schools, timeless architecture, gorgeous parks, and shopping and dining.

Cutting-Edge Technology

As a long-term owner and forward-thinking company, we are continually investing in technology to make us more efficient and sustainable, and provide our residents, customers and guests with the best possible live, work, shop and play experiences. For example, we're currently creating the world's first fleet of hybrid-electric office buildings, and we use sophisticated weather satellite sensors to reduce the use of watering throughout our portfolio.

Irvine Company's new fleet of hybrid-electric buildings will include up to 20 properties in the City of Irvine.

Sustainability by Design

Our commitment to the environment also extends to our sustainable work/live/play mixed-use communities; industry-leading water conservation efforts; the world's first fleet of hybrid-electric buildings; Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings (first in California with more than 64 office buildings); and a No. 1 ranking nationwide by Environmental Protection Agency for energy-efficient office buildings.

More than 60 Irvine Company office buildings, including this one at 610 Newport Center Drive in Newport Beach, have been LEED certified.

Open Space Preservation

We care as much for the land we develop as the land we preserve. On the 93,000-acre Irvine Ranch in Orange County, California, we've permanently preserved more than 57,500 acres as open space (the equivalent of 67 Central Parks). The land's sheer magnitude is matched only by its diverse geography, including rugged foothills, undulating meadows, oak-filled canyons and sandy beaches.

Orange County's Limestone Canyon is part of the 57,000 acres of open space permanently preserved by Irvine Company.

Water Conservation

Back in 1967, we helped pioneer and champion the use of recycled water for landscape irrigation, saving millions of gallons of potable water each year ever since. And that thoughtful stewardship of water continues today. Our properties feature state-of-the-art irrigation and water conservation systems and, wherever possible, recycled water.

The Pelican Hill Golf Club features a state-of-the-art water conservation system that features recycled water for irrigation and underground cisterns to capture rainwater.

Habitat Restoration

We have restored, enhanced or created natural habitat at more than 150 sites, allowing native vegetation and wildlife–including threatened and endangered species such as the coastal California gnatcatcher and the least Bell's vireo–to thrive. These habitats include more than 300 acres of coastal sage scrub, 200 acres of riparian wetlands and 150 acres of grassland.

With help from Irvine Company, about half of the 300-acre San Joaquin Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine has been restored to a natural state.

Community Engagement

Our company culture is collaborative, courteous, professional, ethical, forward-looking, responsive, and responsible. Our long-term ownership philosophy puts a premium on maintaining the highest quality relationships with our customers and residents, neighbors, community members, and federal, state and local government officials. It also means that we make significant contributions to the community, especially in the areas of environmental stewardship, education and research.

Irvine Company has donated more than $20 million to local elementary schools for support and expand enrichment programs.