Open Space Valley with wildflowers

California Land Use, Preservation and Conservancy

California features some of the most valuable and beautiful landscapes in the world. With miles of sandy beaches, ridges of snowy mountain peaks and acres of wooded forest, it’s no wonder California is one of the most sought after places to live; and Southern California is no exception.

For over 100 years, Irvine Company has acted as trustworthy steward to much of Southern California’s precious land. From master-planned community development to staunch land preservation, responsible California land use has always been a top priority for Irvine Company.

Irvine Company has a long, successful and proud history of land preservation, and maintains over 50,000 acres of permanently preserved land, ensuring Southern California residents of today, and tomorrow will be able to enjoy all the natural beauty Southern California has to offer.

Learn more about California land use and the Irvine Company commitment to quality land development, management and preservation.