Irvine Company - California's Top Real Estate Developers

California real estate development is growing at tremendous rates and the demand for quality and value are increasing more and more each day. Fortunately, we have over a century of professional experience in building, investing and managing commercial, as well as residential real estate in Southern California.

We are dedicated to the land on which we build and have set aside more than 50,000 acres as permanent open space. Being one of the top real estate developers in California requires energy, persistence and stability that is only possible with a talented and experienced team of employees. We are confident that we can deliver the ultimate development properties that will satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

Emerald Canyon
Emerald Canyon

Our commercial real estate locations are conveniently positioned throughout West Los Angeles, Orange County, Silicon Valley and San Diego. These are not only beautiful areas, but they are prime locations for any business to grow and build upon their success.

Our mission is to plan, design and manage these developments for future generations and businesses to enjoy. Irvine Company’s corporate values are set on providing our clients and our residents with the best places to live, work and play in Southern California.