Irvine Ranch Planning

Irvine Ranch planning is insistent on balance, a lively interplay between commerce and education, between work and leisure, between private interest and the public good. On the Ranch, there are unique and inviting residential villages, each with distinctive characteristics; there are working environments in which an entrepreneurial spirit and creativity flourish; and there is a strong commitment to excellence in education, from award-winning schools to the University of California campus in Irvine, which provides a core intellectual base that permeates the broader community and enriches the lives of its inhabitants.

At the completion of Irvine Ranch planning, more than fifty percent of the original Irvine Ranch land holdings will be preserved as open space, much of it given to the public for recreational and habitat preservation purposes. As this visual experience reveals, the Irvine Ranch–from the sunny beaches to the peaceful valleys and canyons–is an extraordinary place to call home.

Irvine Ranch planning creates an unlimited array of opportunities to learn. Outstanding educational opportunities are one of the top reasons people choose to live on the Irvine Ranch. Excellent public school districts include Irvine, Tustin, Laguna Beach and Newport Mesa, with educational foundations established to stimulate consistent improvement, enrichment and state of the art learning. Private schools such as Tarbut V’torah Community and Sage Hill have chosen Irvine Ranch as their home, increasing Irvine resident’s educational choice.

At the Irvine Ranch, planning a diverse higher education is just as important. From the notable University of California at Irvine and Concordia University to the thriving community colleges of Irvine Valley and Santiago Canyon, the variety of opportunity to achieve your educational goals is virtually unlimited.

Irvine Company Twenty Million Dollar Check to Irvine Unified School District
Irvine Company Twenty Million Dollar Check to Irvine Unified School District