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Irvine Company Office Properties set the standard in prominent locations throughout California.

By owning such a broad and diverse portfolio of 500 properties throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, San Diego and Chicago, Irvine Company Office Properties has the advantage of offering its customers the opportunity to thrive and grow.

Customers benefit from an unbending service philosophy — a culture of excellence where every interaction is an opportunity to surpass expectations.

Great buildings in the best locations, industry-leading customer service, and the flexibility to move and grow within our diverse portfolio — all the exceptional privileges that come with leasing space from Irvine Company Office Properties.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Focus on premier California markets
  • Long-term ownership
  • Superior customer experience
  • Diversified product types
  • Pro-active reinvestment in our properties

Irvine Company Office

Irvine Company OfficeIrvine Company OfficeIrvine Company Office

Irvine Spectrum® and Newport Center® are recognized as two of Orange County’s most prestigious business centers. In West Los Angeles, Fox Plaza stands above the rest in the prestigious Century City market. In San Diego, Irvine Company Office Properties owns and operates some of the city’s finest high rises, including One America Plaza, Symphony Towers and Wells Fargo Plaza. In Silicon Valley, companies large and small make McCarthy Center their home.  Chicago is home to the shimmering Hyatt Center, a 48-story high rise.