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His contributions to the UC system - and, through those contributions, to the advancement of knowledge and the improvement of our quality of life - have been nothing short of extraordinary."

— M.R.C. Greenwood former University of California Provost

There is no wiser investment we can make as individuals and as a company than in our children. They will be our enduring legacy. They are the leaders of the future, and the quality of education they receive today will directly impact the success and prosperity of our communities tomorrow."

— Donald Bren Chairman, Irvine Company



Communities Enriched Through Philanthropy

Giving back to the community is at the core of the Irvine Company’s culture.

This commitment to philanthropy is inspired directly by Chairman Donald Bren – admired as one of the world’s most generous leaders.

For decades, Mr. Bren has been enriching communities on behalf of the Irvine Company and the Donald Bren Foundation.

Focusing his philanthropic contributions in three key areas — environmental stewardship, education and research — Mr. Bren believes that there is the widest-reaching potential to affect and enrich people’s lives.

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