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Commitment to a Healthy Living and Working Environment

As health officials continue to provide guidance on the pandemic, we all have adapted to a new normal in how we live, work and play. Irvine Company’s unwavering commitment and responsibility to you during this time is to provide best-in-class environments at all of our properties. Your health is our No. 1 priority.

At our workplace communities, for example, more and more businesses are preparing to have employees return to the office, and we’re helping teams come back with confidence. As part of this preparation, Irvine Company has formally partnered with medical experts at UCI Health to develop rigorous health and safety protocols that exceed industry standards.

An area of particular focus has been optimizing ventilation and filtration, where indoor air is replaced with outdoor air at regular intervals throughout the day and nightly. Health experts have deemed this “fresh air exchange” and high-efficiency filters important elements to maintaining healthy indoor environments.

One essential business already back at our MacArthur Court office campus is Clean Energy Fuels and its 150 employees. “It’s important to us that we feel safe,” said Barbara Johnson Bechthold, Vice President of Administration. “The healthy work environment confirms we made the right decision to return.”

In addition to optimal ventilation and filtration, some of our new health and safety procedures include:

  • Ongoing implementation of higher-efficiency MERV air filters
  • Directional signage and capacity management of public areas
  • Enhanced deep-cleaning protocols
  • Implementing touch-free technology
  • Exploring technologies like UV lighting and bipolar ionization to support indoor air quality

“These enhancements have kept productivity and morale high,” Johnson Bechthold said. “And being back together allows us to collaborate, make decisions quickly and work more efficiently.”

Businesses like Clean Energy Fuels are an important part of our community and economy, and we are proud to be collaborating with them.

Our planning and operations continue every day in our workplace communities, resorts, shopping centers, homes and apartments. We will continue to partner with our community to ensure that our properties offer healthy environments now and into the future.