Irvine Company To Add Six ‘Next Gen’ Buildings Totaling 528,000 Square Feet In Irvine Spectrum

New Orange County campus projects driven by strong demand for ‘Next Gen Campus Office” space 

IRVINE, CALIF. (August 01, 2015) – The Irvine Company announced today plans to build six “Next Gen Campus Office” buildings totaling 528,000 square feet in Irvine Spectrum at its Discovery Business Center and Sand Canyon Business Center projects.

Accelerated plans for the new buildings were prompted by the strong demand for the Irvine Company’s low- and mid-rise campus office space, which has a vacancy rate of less than 5 percent.

The design of Irvine Company’s Next Gen Campus Office features sleek, modern architecture with coastal California lifestyle amenities for today’s workforce. The Next Gen Campus Office concept was developed after extensive research into the needs of today’s businesses and employees and visits to corporate campuses of global innovators, such as Facebook, Google and Apple.

Plans for Next Gen Campus Office include floor-to-ceiling glass and aluminum curtain walls for superior natural light and energy efficiency; advanced infrastructure for technology; fitness and wellness centers offering indoor and outdoor activities, such as yoga and bike-sharing programs; and The Commons, a large open-air space at the heart of each campus that will feature a Wi-Fi-enabled outdoor living-room, sun decks, al fresco dining, barbeques and more for people to work, collaborate or simply reboot.

“We’ve gained deep perspective on what forward-thinking businesses will need in the future and have designed Next Gen Campus Office to amplify their success,” said Doug Holte, President, Irvine Company Office Properties. “We know that today’s professionals integrate work and life more than ever. We’re creating places that simplify and enhance the workday.”

Holte said a number of factors drove the company’s decision to build now, including the improving economy, low vacancy rates and the growth and expansion of its existing customer base.

At Discovery Business Center, the company will add four three-story buildings totaling 317,000 square feet of customizable space that will be called The Quad at Discovery Business Center. Two new four-story buildings totaling 212,000 square feet are planned at Sand Canyon Business Center.

Construction at Discovery Business Center and Sand Canyon Business Center is scheduled to begin in early 2016 with expected completion by early 2017.

Both projects—close to the 405, 5 and 133 freeways near Irvine Center Drive and the burgeoning Sand Canyon Avenue — are located in the Irvine Spectrum, one of California’s premier live/work/play communities.

“Irvine Spectrum is one of the most desirable markets in the region because of its proximity to outstanding housing options, easy access to transportation and world-class amenities,” Holte said. “Its popularity is also growing because of the vibrant workplace experiences that we continue to innovate.”

Irvine Company was also the first in Orange County to return to high-rise development, building two towers in Newport Center last year at 520 and 650 Newport Center Drive; the company also has under construction the 21-story 200 Spectrum Center in Irvine Spectrum. It is scheduled to open next spring.

About Irvine Company Office Properties
Irvine Company Office Properties owns and operates a portfolio of approximately 500 high-quality buildings in some of California’s most prestigious locations including Orange County, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and San Diego.   The company’s long-term ownership and reinvestment philosophy ensures companies operate in buildings maintained to the highest levels possible. It also assures a rare environment of stability, consistency and on-going quality with unmatched, comprehensive customer service.