The Future Of Ice Cream Has Arrived In Orange County. Creamistry, Opening In July At Crossroads

The future of ice cream has arrived in Orange County. Creamistry, opening July at Crossroads, delivers pure edible science in dessert form: ice cream that’s made to order using a blast of liquid nitrogen that flash freezes everything in mere seconds for the freshest, creamiest ice cream possible.

Using premium ingredients, including Straus cream, with organic and non-GMO soy options, Creamistry’s creations are only limited by the customer’s imagination – the flavor combinations are endless. For those who can’t decide, there will be 10 signature flavors to choose from, including vanilla bean with candied bacon, salted caramel, chocolate hazelnut and an array of Asian-inspired flavors such as Thai iced tea, red-bean, matcha green tea and avocado (made from fresh Hass avocados). For a little extra edible magic, try the toasted coconut ice cream – it’s topped with a flash-frozen cherry that will crack and crumble with a tap of the spoon.

In addition to fresh-made ice cream, milkshakes will also be available, along with profiteroles, ice cream stuffed in fresh-baked cream puffs.

Co-owner Jay Yim first encountered the concept of liquid nitrogen ice cream in Korea nearly a decade ago.

“It blew my mind,” said Yim, whose family has been in the bakery and sweets business for generations. “I had never seen ice cream that was freshly prepared and of course, there’s that cool factor with the cloud of liquid nitrogen smoke.”

Yim and his wife Katie spent the last year experimenting with recipes for nearly 50 different flavors. “We’re really excited to open O.C.’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream shop – there’ll be something for everyone at Creamistry.”

Creamistry can also bring its ice cream-making alchemy straight to private parties and special events with its mobile cart for treats sure to delight and entertain guests.