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The Heroes in our Community

November is a month when we give thanks. To all the heroes in our community, whether they fight fires, serve in our hospitals, patrol our streets or teach our kids – thank you for being there for our community.

Spetcrum sign

Without these heroes, our community would never have been able to stand up to the many challenges of 2020 — from travel restrictions, to economic challenges, to working and learning from home.

This fall, our community showed its resilience once again with October’s Silverado Fire. Friends, families, neighbors and small businesses across Irvine pitched in to support the evacuees and first responders.

As affected neighborhoods and businesses witnessed, those first responders went into action immediately. Crews worked day and night to control the fire and manage communication to the impacted residents and businesses.

Despite strong winds, homes and businesses sustained limited damage thanks to these first responders and a well-planned community design. As the Los Angeles Times reported, it’s fortunate that “the roads are wide and smooth, communities were built under the state’s most recent fire codes, and the largest regional firefighting force in the world was at the ready just a phone call away.”

Firefighters at Lazy Dog Cafe
Lazy Dog Restaurant in the Market Place thanked firefighters by hosting one crew for lunch and sending box lunches back to the station.

One local business, Lazy Dog Restaurant in The Market Place, did what we all wished we could do – personally show their gratitude to the firefighters. They treated a group of about 55 firefighters to lunch in the restaurant. Employees signed and wrote messages on thank you cards (with dog pictures on them), and gave them to the crews. Lazy Dog team members made extra sandwiches to be taken back to the station for the firefighters who couldn’t be there.

“There’s no way for us to repay them for their hard work and determination,” said Reza Mortazavi, general manager of Lazy Dog Irvine. “They took care of our community.”

Taking care of each other has been a constant during 2020. Truly, it’s the solidarity and mutual support that have been the hallmark of our community since this all began in the spring. At Irvine Company, we are grateful to partner with such amazing heroes in our community.