Woodbridge Village Center Hosts 9th Annual Japanese Cultural Fair

Woodbridge Village Center will host the 9th annual Japanese Cultural Fair on Sunday, August 26 from 1 to 4:30 p.m. The free event is sponsored by the Orange County Japanese American Association (OCJAA), Woodbridge Village Center and the Irvine Yamaha Music Center, and features a variety of entertainment and demonstrations that represent the best of Japanese tradition and pageantry.

The afternoon event will include a Taiko (drum) performance, demonstrations of Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) and Ikebana (flower arrangement), Minyo (folk music), Nihon Buyo (traditional Japanese Dance), Koto music (traditional Japanese music), Awaodori (Awa dance), Kendo and Shorinji Kenpo (martial arts), Origami demonstrations, as well as Japanese Akita dogs on display, and Hagi Japanese pottery for sale.

The afternoon will also include Chado, a time-honored tea ceremony. Freshly prepared Japanese tea will be served to those interested after the formal tea ceremony. Sagami sushi and Japanese Shaved Ice will also be available.

Opportunity tickets will be sold throughout the day with numerous prizes given at the end of the event. Numerous prizes have been donated by OCJAA and event supporters.

For more information on the Japanese Cultural Fair, contact the Orange County Japanese American Association at (714) 283-3551.

Woodbridge Village Center, owned and managed by The Irvine Company, is located on Barranca between Culver and Jeffrey in Irvine. Woodbridge Village Center is anchored by Stein Mart, Barnes & Noble, Woodbridge Movies 5 Theater plus several casual restaurants, specialty retailers and services.