Avocados flourish in spite of drought thanks to long-term planning

Irvine Co. remains one of the nation’s largest producers of avocados thanks to a drip irrigation system it pioneered nearly 50 years ago.

Nearly 50 years ago, Irvine Company pioneered the use of water-conserving drip irrigation for orchard and row crop operations on The Irvine Ranch. By delivering precise amounts of water, the technology prevents evaporation and runoff, in turn saving huge amounts of water.

Today, approximately 1,100 acres – primarily avocado orchards in north Irvine – remain in agricultural production. Served by an extensive drip-irrigation system, these bountiful trees and crops are irrigated with non-potable water.

Thanks to good planning, even in years of drought The Irvine Ranch remains one of the nation’s leading growers of avocados.

March 2016