Quality housing for those who can least afford it

For nearly 20 years, the Irvine Inn has provided quality housing for the lowest wage earners

IRVINE, Calif. — There’s a good chance you never heard of the Irvine Inn.

But for two decades, it quietly has served the neediest portion of Irvine’s workforce—those earning less than 40 percent of the area median income.

Residents range from janitors to pre-school teachers.

“They’re part of the fabric of the community,” says Tony Salazar, president of McCormack Baron Salazar, which partnered with Irvine Company and others to build the Irvine Inn in 1997.

It provides 192 efficiency apartments priced at less than $700 a month. That includes a fitness center, game room and swimming pool—amenities rarely associated with “very, very low income” affordable housing.

Irvine Company provided the land—part of its legacy in building, or helping to build, more than 4,000 affordable housing units in Irvine with another 1,000 planned.

“Credit Irvine Company for providing housing at all income levels,” Salazar says. “That’s what makes Irvine a great city.”

— April 2016