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Company News

Company News

09.24.2023 Rob Elliott

Rob Elliott is Senior Vice President of Irvine Company’s Planning and Design Group. He is responsible for the overall planning and design of the company’s master planned communities including residential villages, apartment communities, and commercial centers (including office, retail, and… More »

09.24.2023 Kevin Wagner

Kevin Wagner is Senior Vice President, Real Estate Operations. In his role, he supports and guides the operating activities of the company’s commercial and residential real estate divisions. He is also responsible for the company’s Strategic Planning & Analysis group.… More »

09.24.2023 Alan Parkin

Alan Parkin is Senior Vice President, Real Estate Investment Management. In his role, he provides leadership in capital allocation, transactions, and analytics that support the Company’s real estate investment activities. He is also a member of the Real Estate Investment… More »

04.30.2021 Jason Maxwell

Jason Maxwell is Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary for Irvine Company. In this role, he leads the company’s Legal, Risk Management and Records Management groups. He joined the company in 2021. Previously, Mr. Maxwell served as Senior Vice… More »

06.10.2020 Abe Wong

Abe Wong is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Irvine Company. In his role, Mr. Wong is responsible for overseeing the strategy, innovation and execution for all aspects of the company’s technology functions including: customer and workforce solutions,… More »

01.14.2019 Darren Thomas

Darren Thomas is Senior Vice President and head of Human Resources for Irvine Company. He is responsible for leading the company’s Human Resources strategy and oversees all aspects of the function, including talent acquisition, leadership development, training, compensation and benefits,… More »

01.14.2019 Bryan Stevens

Bryan Stevens is a Senior Vice President and Treasurer for Irvine Company. He leads Corporate Finance, which includes corporate and project level finance, interest rate risk management and treasury for the company. Mr. Stevens joined Irvine Company in 2014. Previously,… More »

01.14.2019 Paul Hernandez

Paul Hernandez is Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Irvine Company. He is responsible for all Corporate Affairs functions including communications, media relations, government and community relations, legislative affairs, regulatory and environmental affairs, and real estate entitlement. Prior to… More »

01.14.2019 Mark Henigan

Mark Henigan is Group Senior Vice President, Financial Services, and Chief Accounting Officer. In this position, Mr. Henigan directs Irvine Company’s comprehensive accounting, payroll and internal audit operations. Mr. Henigan joined Irvine Company as Senior Vice President of Financial and… More »

01.14.2019 Gino Bianchini

Gino J. Bianchini is Senior Vice President, Tax Counsel for Irvine Company. As head of the company’s Tax Department, Mr. Bianchini is responsible for three interrelated functions: tax planning, tax compliance and property tax. He joined the company in 2013.… More »