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Irvine Company Office building

Our Portfolio

With each property positioned at the top of its class, Irvine Company’s holdings consist of 129 million square feet and include more than 590 office buildings, 125 apartment communities with 65,000 units, 40 retail centers, one coastal resort, three golf courses, and five marinas. The company’s investment property portfolio is largely located in Orange County, with about thirty-five percent of the portfolio in Silicon Valley, San Diego, West Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City.

  • 125+ Apartment Communities
  • 65,000+ Apartment Homes
  • 590+ Office Buildings
  • 40+ Retail Centers
  • 1 Coastal Five Star Resort
  • 3 Golf Courses
  • 5 Marinas

Irvine Company Apartment Communities

Exceptional apartment communities in California’s most desirable locations

Irvine Company Community Development

Neighborhoods of superior quality offer the best of the coveted Irvine lifestyle

Irvine Company Office Properties

A premier collection of over 150 modern workplace communities where forward-thinking companies flourish

Irvine Company Retail Properties

America’s most popular retail destinations with a new dimension on open air shopping experiences

Corporate Business Properties

World-class properties with unmatched guest and recreational experiences