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The Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Coast, California
The Resort at Pelican HIll Newport Coast, California


  • Respect Our Tradition

    We build on our 150-year legacy by furthering our commitment to planning and quality.

  • Pursue Long-Term Vision
    Over Short-Term Benefits

    We focus on long-term master planning, master building and continuous reinvestment.

  • Commit to Balanced and
    Thoughtful Stewardship

    We care for the land - both that which is developed and that which is conserved.

  • Innovate for Tomorrow

    We are innovation leaders
    in all facets of our business.

  • Better Together

    We foster a workplace community where
    differences are valued and our Associates thrive.

  • Always Act Ethically

    We are honest and always
    follow through on commitments.

  • Deliver Exceptional Service

    We care for our customers and deliver
    best-in-class service and experiences.

  • Collaborate with Stakeholders

    We find win-win solutions to policy issues
    through community partnerships.

  • Give with Meaningful Impact

    Our charitable giving aims to advance education and environmental protection.