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Irvine Company Headquarters in Newport Center, Newport Beach, California
Newport Center Newport Beach, California

About Us

Irvine Company traces its early roots to the 1860’s with the initial formation of the Irvine Ranch, totaling 120,000 acres. Today, Irvine Company is a private real estate investment company governed by an independent Board of Directors.

Irvine Company is respected for its master planning and environmental stewardship of the Irvine Ranch in Orange County, including diversified operations throughout coastal California. Irvine Company brings to life neighborhoods and sustainable communities with a full range of housing, jobs, retail centers, schools, parks and open space.

During the last 40 years, under Donald Bren’s leadership and vision, the Irvine Company has professionally planned and master built the all-new City of Irvine and the Newport Coast, creating one of America’s most desirable regions. The City of Irvine currently has a population of more than 300,000 growing to an estimated 325,000 people over the next 10 years, with an equal number of employment positions.

Irvine Company is committed to long-term ownership and operations of a high-quality real estate portfolio, the breadth of which is unmatched in the industry. With each property positioned at the top of its class, the company’s holdings consist of 129 million square feet and include more than 590 office buildings, 125 apartment communities with 65,000 units, 40 retail centers, one coastal resort, three golf courses, and five marinas.

The company’s investment property portfolio is largely located in Orange County, with about thirty-five percent of the portfolio located in Silicon Valley, San Diego, West Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City.

As an environmental planner, Irvine Company has a long and successful history of land preservation. Irvine Company established one of California’s largest nature preserves by permanently dedicating more than half of the Irvine Ranch – 57,500 acres – to open space and parklands. It is the only land in California to receive both the California State and United States National Natural Landmark designation.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Irvine Company is Donald Bren.

Master Planners & Master Builders

As master planners and master builders, Irvine Company has developed the all-new City of Irvine and the Newport Coast, creating one of America’s most desirable regions. The City of Irvine is America’s safest big city, its public schools are ranked among the best in California, and its distinct villages provide residents with a wide variety of vibrant and balanced communities in which to live, work and play. The knowledge and expertise gained on the Irvine Ranch continues to guide the company’s forward momentum.

Long-Term Ownership

As a long-term owner with an unlimited horizon, the company’s real estate portfolio features timeless architecture, thoughtful planning, mature landscaping, and an abundance of amenities to create a sense of place. The company also sets the standard in reinvesting in properties to maintain them in first-class condition.  

Cutting-Edge Innovation

As a long-term owner and forward-thinking company, we are continually investing in technology to make us more efficient and sustainable, and provide our residents, customers and guests with the best possible experience. For example, we created the world’s first fleet of hybrid-electric office buildings and we use sophisticated weather satellite sensors to reduce the use of watering throughout our portfolio.

Sustainable by Design

The commitment to the environment extends to communities featuring leading water conservation efforts; the world’s first fleet of hybrid-electric buildings; Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings (with more than 130 office buildings); and a No. 1 ranking nationwide by the Environmental Protection Agency for energy-efficient office buildings.

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Open Space Preservation

Irvine Company has permanently preserved more than half of the Irvine Ranch – setting aside 57,500 acres of open space and parklands to create the largest urban open space network in the United States. The land is now held in perpetuity by municipalities for public use, recreation and enjoyment. It is the only land in California to receive both the California State and U.S. National Natural Landmark designation.


Chairman Donald Bren believes the foundation of a balanced community consists of a first-class education system and an attractive environment where people can live, work and play. This dedication has led him to commit significant funds to support public K-12 education, major universities and research institutions in California, and also manage and oversee open space and parklands for the public’s use in perpetuity.