About Irvine Company

Irvine Company traces its roots to the 1860s with the formation of the Irvine Ranch from Mexican and Spanish land grants, totaling 120,000 acres.

Irvine Company is a privately held real estate investment company and master planner, highly respected for its stewardship and master planning of the Irvine Ranch in Orange County, California. The company is a private corporation governed by an independent Board of Directors.

Over the last 50 years, Irvine Company, a perpetual entity, has professionally master planned and master built the City of Irvine, California, the largest all-new city in the United States.  Currently, the city has a population of 270,000 growing to 325,000 people, along with an equal balanced amount of employment.

With diversified operations throughout coastal California, Irvine Company plans and brings to life balanced, sustainable communities with a full range of housing, job and retail centers, schools, recreation, and permanently preserved parks and open space.

Irvine Company is committed to long-term ownership of a high-quality portfolio, the breadth and quality of which are unmatched in the industry.  With each property positioned at the top of its class, the company’s holdings include more than 550 office buildings, 125 apartment communities, 40 retail centers, one coastal resort, two hotels, three golf courses and five marinas.

The investment properties are primarily located in Orange County, with about a third of them in San Diego, West Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Chicago and New York City.

Irvine Company also maintains a long tradition of philanthropy and environmental stewardship, including its dedication of more than 57,500 acres, approximately 60% of the historic Irvine Ranch—for permanently preserved parks and open space.