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11.23.2020 The Heroes in our Community

November is a month when we give thanks. To all the heroes in our community, whether they fight fires, serve in our hospitals, patrol our streets or teach our kids – thank you for being there for our community. Without… More »

09.10.2020 Commitment to a Healthy Living and Working Environment

As health officials continue to provide guidance on the pandemic, we all have adapted to a new normal in how we live, work and play. Irvine Company’s unwavering commitment and responsibility to you during this time is to provide best-in-class… More »

05.20.2020 Partnering to Prepare for the Future

This week, anticipation has been building about how and when the economy will fully reopen. Our research suggests that consumer demand will be slow to recover but one thing is clear – our business community continues to adapt and innovate. … More »

05.13.2020 Adapting to Customer Needs and Preferences

Irvine Company has always viewed our retail centers as desirable outdoor destinations, designed to be an integral part of the community. This philosophy has helped curate a special collection of merchants who want to be a part of this community… More »

05.06.2020 Adapting to the New Economy

The past several weeks, we have seen incredible resilience, perseverance and generosity from all corners of our community, despite these unsettling times. The Irvine Company appreciates the hardworking, dedicated people who keep essential businesses open at our 38 neighborhood shopping… More »

04.29.2020 Community and Innovation

To our Community Friends, Tenants and Customers: The character of a community shines brightest during challenging times. Working closely with local civic and business leaders has served as inspiration for our own actions. Here’s a brief overview of how Irvine… More »

04.24.2020 Reimagining our Hotels

Discussion with our community, friends and hotel guests: The Irvine Company has always viewed our hotel and resort locations as warm community gathering places providing comfort to the overnight guest and a warm environment for community meetings and special events.… More »

03.26.2020 Update from Irvine Company

To our Community Friends, Tenants and Customers: Like you, the Irvine Company has been focused on adapting our operations to meet the new reality brought on by COVID-19. We take this opportunity to update you on what our Company is… More »