Irvine Company

For more than 100 years, Irvine Company has been entrusted with the stewardship of some of the most beautiful and valuable land anywhere.

Rich in Irvine Company’s history has been a tradition of viewing our Orange County land as a precious and nonrenewable resource; and as an asset not to be sold or squandered for short-term gain, but rather as a long-term investment to be held and utilized in a way that benefits both the Irvine Company and those who choose to live, work and grow on the land with us.

Ray Watson Master Planner
Ray Watson Master Planner

The forces of history and the changing nature of man have precipitated different uses of Irvine Company’s land: from cattle ranching to agriculture to master-planned community development, on a scale of size and success unmatched anywhere else in the world.

The primary mission of Irvine Company is to actively manage this land so as to continually enhance its value as a long-term investment, and to enhance its value for those who have chosen to live and work here. We believe that the thoughtful, deliberate and prudent management of Irvine Company’s properties is a sound investment strategy, both in financial terms and in terms of maintaining the quality of life of the region in which our land is located.

Irvine Company pursues this mission through our basic business: as large-scale, comprehensive masterplanners and community builders committed to the highest standards of quality. Within this basic business, Irvine Company is a planner, builder, landlord, investor, community partner, employer and neighbor. Irvine Company employs the most talented, motivated people available, and encourages them to apply their full potential in the pursuit of excellence.

We insist that our business goals serve both the owners of Irvine Company and those who share an investment in our land by locating their businesses or buying homes on our property. Irvine Company seeks to enhance the long-term equity values of all properties through the creation of vibrant, well-planned new communities, as well as the development and management of our own growing portfolio of premium quality investment properties. These properties include retail centers, commercial office buildings and residential apartment complexes.

Irvine Company’s corporate values are rooted in our awareness that what we do potentially impacts the lives of many people and will leave a legacy that will be visible for centuries to come. Our challenge, then, is to make decisions that reflect community attitudes and desires, and that earn the respect of both current and future generations.

In a broad sense, those who have purchased a home leased office space, rented a boat slip, or leased an apartment have become investment partners with us. These neighbors–customers, if you will–have a shared interest in how our land is utilized. Therefore, Irvine Company has an obligation to explain to them our plans and goals, to listen to and consider their thoughts, to modify our plans when it makes sense to do so and to vigorously defend the benefits of our long-term vision.

Our respect for our land causes us to recognize that major portions of it should remain as we inherited it, preserved and-where appropriate, improved-for future generations because of its environmental sensitivity, value for recreational use, or as planned aesthetic relief from surrounding development. In this sense, the case for conservation will always be a consideration given equal status to competing land uses.

Irvine Company is a citizen with a tradition of activism. We are willing to commit our knowledge, energy, resources and a fair share of our rewards of success where they will help address problems of the county that extend beyond our property line and our immediate self-interest.

In all these things, we are determined to conduct our affairs honestly, fairly, forthrightly and ethically.