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Southern California Real Estate Developer

Irvine Company, a Southern California real estate developer, is creating the largest and most successful master planned urban environment in the United States. Following a comprehensive master plan created in the 1960s, this Southern California real estate developer is building a series of large communities on the Irvine Ranch, in Orange County, California. These communities, known for low crime rates, high student test scores and abundant open space and recreation, provide homes and apartments for more than 230,000 residents and employment for 230,000 people.

Employment centers include the Irvine Spectrum, which is located at the hub of Southern California’s technology coast. This Southern California real estate developer also has an investment property portfolio of apartment communities, office and research development properties in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and North San Diego.

New Homes

Irvine Company, a Southern California real estate developer, has created dozens of residential villages on The Irvine Ranch from the Newport Coast to the Santiago foothills.


Explore Orange County’s biggest portfolio of high quality apartment homes. Luxury apartment communities are also available in Santa Monica, San Diego and the Silicon Valley.


Discover Newport Center, Irvine Spectrum or University Research Park and you’ll see what makes all of our commercial properties first-in-class–premier locations, impeccable service and the opportunity to expand or move within our diverse portfolio.


Fashion Island, The Market Place, Irvine Spectrum Center and dozens of neighborhood retail centers. Where they are and the stores in each.


The fun stuff. Looking for a golf game? A place to dock your boat? Or a gathering place?


The Irvine Ranch is home of some of the best public schools in the country.